"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

gonna have to read this one...

I came across this book Cowboy and Wills on another blog and I think I am going to have to read it. As the mom of an autistic child it still amazes me when I hear other things people say things about their own experience and find myself amazed that no, indeed ... it isn't just our story...trouble tying shoes, fear of public restrooms, lines of collections on bookcases??? I watched this video and I heard so many of the things that are just part of our normal life. In fact they are so normal that we forget that they are not. We don't have a Cowboy though. We have a Jack. And with Jack there are no more nights of no sleep and there is a someone who just wants his head rubbed and doesn't mind that fingers flap or that certain patterns must be repeated while rubbing his fur. I do know that without Noah, Jack doesn't sleep well at night- he paces the floor. When Noah leaves without him, he lays on the rug ,barks at the door and then waits. And I know that without Jack, nighttimes, afternoon times, mealtimes, playtimes, and mornings and showers are much more difficult for Noah. So I will have to read the book. We can relate.

Monday, January 25, 2010

CNN report- orphans in Haiti

This is the orphanage where some fellow adoptive friends little boy was at... after a long battle and so much red tape he is home... thank you God!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Normal

It is a New year... and along with a new year is a new start... hoping to make some changes to the blog and actually... drumroll please... start blogging again. We have survived and we are ready to live again... we have a new normal to our lives ( I feel like we have had alot of "new normals" in the last year and a half)

We moved... The kids and I have an adorable house we moved into. The kids love it... said it is their "favorite house they have ever lived in"... It is half the size of the old house (which has required some extreme organization) but we are all LOVING how much less time we spend on house cleaning. We have a huge backyard which has eased the transition of... living in town!!!! Buzzy did have to move to Grammy and Pa's but he seems to like his new home... We have found that one of the drawbacks has been that the cat and 2 dogs have become "big boned"...

Addie turned 15... celebrated at the movie "New Moon" with one her best friends- an exchange student from Austria, whom we already are hating the thought of saying goodbye too... Addie got her drivers permit and so now ... Yikes... I am the driving instructor ... double yikes... (yikes that I am the instructor, not that she is driving... she is cautious beyond compare)

Thanksgiving we welcomed our first company who came to spend the holidays with us. We had a wonderful, fun, relaxing time with friends and family. We needed some fun and relaxation!!

Christmas eve was spent with family- ALL 11 1/2 grandkids were gathered under grammy and pa's tree... Amazing how big they are all getting... plus all the gift wrap... holy cow!! The cousins all enjoy each other so much.

Bis turned 6 and we celebrated quietly after the hubub of Christmas and before the New Year... realized how "cheated" a Christmas birthday is!!! within 5 days you are done for the year... hmm... Might have to think about a 1/2 birthday instead...

2009 is over and we are truely thankful for all of our wonderful friends and family... you really become aware of your true friends in times of change... so thank you...

Looking forward to all the new and exciting changes that 2010 is going to bring...