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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Injera or Pnut butter????

The big kids had school and the boys didn't so I decided as a special treat I would make them some shiro wat and injera (from the freeze dried injera Addie so carefully carried home from Ethiopia) instead of the typical luch around here of pnut butter and jelly. I am pretty pleased with myself for thinking of doing this for the boys and just knowing HOW much they are going to love it. I call the boys to the table and they are so smiley and immediately start talking about Ethiopia and how mommy doesn't like injera... Ha Ha Ha, so funny...

I ask Bis how it is, does he like it...???

Bis says "Injera good... (pause) pnut butter and jelly better"

There you have it...

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Wilson's said...

Mayla hasn't had any since she has been home:( And there is no way I can make it...maybe we will have to go check out a restaurant! Although I am with you- pb&j over ingera any day!