"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Monday, July 13, 2009

And so we are off...

Where has this summer gone? I have hardly even posted... I do need to catch up, and plan to. There are so many great pictures of fun times this summer- company from out of state (including ours 10 kids/4 adults), Yordi's birthday, Addie's graduation, pool fun... but that will have to wait. We are outta here- off to county fair tomorrow am. Here are the stats:

5 kids (gaining an extra or 2 once there)
4 market hogs (please God let them be 230 lbs or more)
1 stubborn Buzz
1 duck
100 lbs of feed
groceries to feed all of us for 1 week
36 pairs of shorts
36 tshirts
42 pairs of undies
6 pairs of barn boots
6 pairs of show boots
7 show outfits
1 set FFA OD
2 sets complete animals records
2 show sticks
3 sets of completed Daily feed records (with all feed fed in 60 days documented- as well as rate of gain and cost per pound per animal)
tent trailer
5 pair clippers
5 bottles of shampoo/liquid bluing
6 feed pans
2 waterers
6 stall card signs

and whatever else we might possibly need...

Here is a glimpse of how it looks:
Day 1: notice the barns DO smell
Day 2: notice the barns don't smell as bad as previously thought
Day 3: notice the trailer smells like the barn
Day 4: notice that WE smell as bad as the barn
Day 5: settle for sorta clean clothes, debate if showers really are necessary, and then decided that it really doesn't matter
Day 6: shower? no. Clean clothes? forget it. WHEN DO WE GET TO LEAVE?????

Really, it is a highlight of the year. Today the kids are excited... they work so hard. They will be in the barns every morning at 6:30 am, work all day, show all evening, hang out until curfew with friends in the barns, bed by midnight and start all over the next day.
So, my next post will be once we are home... and have found our way to the showers and over the heaping piles of laundry. But there will be pictures...


Kris said...

Yikes! What do you use to HAUL all that? I'm tired just reading it. Hope it is much success and everyone is well rewarded for their hard work.

Denise said...

yeah, so getting to fair isn't actually the tricky part. We move the camp trailer loaded with all of our "people" stuff. Tack and animal equipment went in today. tomorrow am we load all animals and the few children we can find running around with nothing but the last minute essentials and the coolers. Coming home on Sunday- well that is another story. Going to fair we are neatly organized and CLEAN- coming home we toss it in, throw it on, tie it down and get the heck out of town when they release the animals over the loud speakers... We literally will come home with things tied on top, hanging out of windows and on and under kids... beverly hillbillies to say the least!!! I will never be so happy to see my shower and not have to take one with manure and straw in the drains... Oh Sunday, you truly are a beautiful day!!!

Sandee said...

oh my..what a time....