"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Photos from the day

Well, the cassirating went well. Pretty cool in fact. We were the first ones up at Kerri's farm. The girls had not slept in the barn. We were greeting by Kerri's hubby who told us to head to the barn. Shortly afterward everyone got there. 23 babies- 11 boys- 3 mama sows. Kerri had already marked all boys with a large blue sharpie. She had to capture them and take them away from the wolverine mothers. Man they are protective things!!!!! As she handed them out to us, we then marked on them which mother they belonged to. All baby boys into the playpen. We decided that since the mommas were climbing the walls (literally) to rescue their screaming babies we would take them to the other barn. The whole process was pretty cool. The boys in the club did a great job of holding babies. None of the kids wanted to do the actual cutting (it was kinda scary) but they were all involved in helping out. Kerri's dad did a great job and let the kids do as much as they wanted. What amazed me was that there was NO blood. Really thought there would be. No, none!!! The kids did great, the babies did great, a couple of bags of souvenirs went home with dreams of a frying pan... none to our house. We get to pick out the babies in less than 4 weeks and Kerri is going have each kid vaccinate their own pig. Addie has fallen in love- one little gilt that runs over and nips her on the hand whenever she bends down.

Molly was a bit concerned when it was all over- looking around at all the people. She quietly asks if just animals have to do this or people too?

I told her just boy animals.

Well, why?

Cause they have boy parts.

Oh, so we aren't going to do this to Noah?

Oh heavens NO!

Whew! I still am glad I'm not a boy.

Fast forward to today... I explained that Dad will be picking up from school tomorrow. Noah has a dr appt. Molly is crying... I thought you said we weren't taking his boy parts!!!!!!!!!

Can you say scarred for life?????


as written by Barbara said...

Poor Molly... can you say TMI...???
Give her a BIG hug for me!
Barbara Lyman :-)

Sandee said...

Oh my life on the farm....gosh! Your story makes me smile and squirm!

Rebecca said...

Well. Hmmm...what shall I say? The pigs are awfully cute. I cannot believe that you put the picture of the ziploc on here!! Ooooooo!!!
Hey, all this talk made me think of my grandpa last night. That was awesome. I laughed and laughed. He was a butcher/redneck/hillbilly. So now my uncle is the butcher/redneck/hillbilly. Today he had a slaughtering job. Had to assassinate a Llama. Don't ask me why. I don't know. Anyway...he shot the wrong one!!! Hillbilly!!!
P.S. I'm glad that Noah will be left with his "boy parts." :)