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Monday, December 1, 2008

Bisrat's new do

Bis got himself a new "do". He has the tightest, curliest hair. I was so sure that adopting boys I would escape the hair issues. Come to find out NOPE!! Of all the kids Bis's hair takes me the longest each day and uses more products than all the girls combined. I would love to braid it but #1 I don't know how #2 don't know anyone who knows how #3 he is a huge weenie when it comes to his head. Squirting it with water has him dancing around saying ow. Sheesh!! So today I decided to twist it. I love playing with the curls ( which he doesn't like me to do) and have experimented a little bit. Today we turned on the tv and he sat and I twisted and he didn't complain. I think it looks cute. He likes it and it was a good bonding time for us. He usually doesn't choose to sit by me (unless I am reading) and he tolerates me putting lotion on him or just touching in general. But for 1 hour he sat still and although he was watching tv (more like glued to the tv) he didn't seem to mind a bit. And I got to play with those curls!!!! So, we'll see how long it lasts but it wasn't a huge time commitment so will definitely do it again.
Isn't he the cutest?????


Gayle said...

I love it! I might actually considering letting J's grow if I could make it look like that..

ellerbee eight said...

Denise, his hair looks great! It looks just like Josh's did when we first got his dreads put in. I love it! Josh's hair is SO curly and unruly (just like his personality ha) and it is definitely more difficult than Jameson's hair. What did you put in it to keep it twisted? We have to retwist his dreads about once a week or more just to make it look decent. Good job!

Peculiar Smith Family said...

That looks great! And he's such a handsome guy! I also would like to know what product you used to make it hold!

Wilson's said...

That looks great- I bet you could leave it in ans just let it loc if you wanted! Good job!