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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

As some of you may or may not know there is a severe drought in Ethiopia right now, with one of the hardest hit areas being the area of Shashemene, where we were able to visit while we were there. I will attach a recent news article about the drought so you can read more about it if you are interested. It is a very surreal feeling to know you have just been somewhere and seen the way of life and then to know that these same people are now having to watch their children die from a lack of something so simple as clean water...

One of the mom's from our agency was able to get into contact with the lady who is the head of the humanitarian aid for Village of Hope- http://www.villageofhope-ethiopia.org/in Shashemene. She was checking on "what" could be done to help and how the drought is affecting the orphanage and the children that are there. Here is a copy of the letter. Our little agency has already raised quite a bit of money to go towards this generator. Please pray that the rains will come and that the generator will be able to help thousands...

Dear Corrie,

You are so wonderful to think to help. Right now, the effect we are
realizing from the drought is that the government is turning the
electricity off every day except for one hour. The country's
electricity is water-powered all over & this is one way they are
conserving. Our huge concern is that now many of the people are
being forced to go back to the filthy river for their water. Our
church put in a beautiful, profusely producing well about two
and a half years ago, about 200 meters deep, with ample water. Now,
though, there is no electricity to allow the pump to be on very
long. And all that water is available! And not being used.

We are looking into buying a generator for the compound. If we had
a generator, we would be able to still have electricity for our High
Risk kids and medical clinic in our compound, plus give clean water
to all of the villagers who have finally gotten rid of the parasites
and other problems they lived with for generations! It was so
wonderful to see how improved their health and general cleanliness
was when the well was installed, and now I shudder to realize the
disease that is returning slowly but surely, with not much clean
water available again. A generator will cost about $5,000 and Lon &
I are hoping to get one soon. It would be an absolute blessing to
16,000 people if we could do this! Any amount will help us and be
so appreciated. I realize this is a lot of money, but without clean
water, the work we are accomplishing will be set back years!

If you or any of your friends could help in any way, no matter how
small, it would be wonderful. Please have any checks made to
Village of Hope, with "generator" in the "for" line. I will send a
tax receipt.
If you would like to donate for the
generator just send the check directly :
Deanna Kennard
2880 E. 1200 S.
Heber City, Utah 84032

If you donated on the website it will not all go to the generator.
So sending the check is best.

Bless you!!

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