"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

monday and tuesday April 22, 2008

We have not had electricity all day again, so have not been able to email since sunday night. So much has happened it is hard to catch up, but we\ll do our best.


A busy day today, we all had showers today and it felt great. A breakfast of fried potatoes and onions and oregano. The kids love it. Hot during the day today. We walked to the market and bought PB and J and chips and juice. Did some other shopping and hurried back because the beggars kept mobbing us. Rahel took us to a place to buy baskets and jewelry. The chanting goes on several times a day now and everyone is preparing for Easter Sunday this week. Did you know that is the year 2000 in Ethiopia... this is their millenium. The kids have had fun figuring out what age they are. We passed the Sheraton and asked the kids if they would like to switch motels and all 3 said a firm NO it wouldn't be like being in Africa. Tonight we ate pizza again and tried the lasagna. Bis and Yordi are doing great.


We awoke to no electricity again. We left and went to the Hilton to the lawyers appt for our embassy appt tomorrow. We got to meet all the other families here with our Hope group, Amber and Ben with Hermela, Rebecca and Dave with Ava, and Michele with Yohannes. What fun!! The kids had icecream while we did papers and it was quite a treat. Our lawyer will go to the embassy and try to appeal for them to contact the USA in regards to our I171 missing document. So far nothing. Keep praying!!! All of the families went out for pizza and then shopping in the markets. We got electricity about 8 pm. We had fun reading and playing games by candlelight. More tomorrow... be praying as it is embassy day...

love to all,

The Africa Bunch

PS Hi Molly, we sure do miss you and love you lots. We\ll see you soon. Love, mommy and daddy

Day 1 Sunday We are here April 20, 2008

hello everyone, we tried to email yesterday, but no phone lines. There is so much to tell, so we will try to update little by little. The document did not arrive, any news Joan_ What a plane ride, utter exhaustion. \other than the length of the ride everything was great. The kids did terrific. Lots of kids on the planes. We were 1 hr late coming in and it took us 2 hours to go through immigration, cutstoms, and a baggage scenario you cant imagine. \met our driver, a great guy. We have a nice hippy Bob \marley van. \it's even all decorated on the inside. We arrive at the Cozy Place. We have an outdoor toilet, flush type, and shower. It is good we are an addaptable group. We had no driver on Sat so settled in here. We had no electricity or hot water on Sat. but had candles for our rooms. Areas of the city take turns without electricity 1 day per week. It is clean here, in a Africa sort of way. We have a resident monkey here. We walked for a good pizza dinner last night with a bottle of coke. The people are beautiful and friendly. There are just NO words to describe this place. Many adventures as we crossed the Nile river and Liberian desert. Today, we go to the orphanage and Bis and Yordi will come back with us. Some of us enjoyed a coffee ceremony last night. Most of us slept well during the night, but we are off on our times.

\difficult to check emails, so please leave any message for us in the guest book. \mark it private if you don't want it displayed and feel free to leave a message for \mom dad or \hayden as well. Internet and electricity are down often, we will check in when possible dont be alarmed if you don't hear from us for several days. \lynde, \hayden is great and having a ball. \joan, if the document comes leave me a message on the guest book and we will head to the Sheraton to download it. Molly, we love and miss you bunches and bunches. Be good for grandma. We will bring you a picture of the monkey roody.

Love to all,

The African bunch

day 2 palm sunday gotcha April 20, 2008

Last night the chanting started about 4 am. lots of noise. we arose to a hearty breakfast of potatoes, rolls with nutella, and a crepe like thing with mangos and bananas and of course strong wonderful coffee. We packed up for the orphanage and had a bumpy ride with loud regge music in the bob marley van. As we drove through the locked gates of the orphanage all the kids were lined up to greet us and mobbed us as we got out. Oh my such beautiful children. We have many stories about our day *updates for everyone when we have high speed internet at home* Bis and Yordi knew who we were and bonded quickly to us all. We got a tour and were served a special meal of coffee, real popcorn, bottles of coke and orange crush and spagetti made with sheep meat. It was good and we all ate heartily. The children loved every donation item with great appreciation. They are all so polite and well mannered. Ben and Amber from MI joined us to get their 2 year old daughter, Hermela. They have a 1 and 3 year old at home. Tonight, Bis and Yordi played ball, took delightful showers and we enjoyed a meal outside of french fries, injera, spagetti, egg rolls and rice. The boys can say all of our names now. Tomorrow we meet the birth parents and Bis and yordi go with us, that is the Ethiopian way. The boys are quiet, polite, and well mannered, yet have lots of little boy in them. God is good and we know the paper will come soon. The kids and Papa are playing Yatzee by the moon with a man from the Netherlands. He is glad to speak English to someone. Today Grammy was asked to be in a fashion show by a street man, and asked to a dance by 3 VERY young men. No more going to town with out our men. We cannot get a cell phone or cards to call home and internet is time consuming and complicated. Keys are all different.

Kim G- Mamo is a 5T and your little girl is 3T shirt with 24 month/2T pant.

Hi Molly, we sure do miss you. Bis and Yordi cant wait to meet you and play with you.

Our love to all, The Africa Bunch

today is the day... April 17, 2008

"Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go." Joshua 1:9

we'll post from Ethiopia... keep us in your prayers.

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