"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

thursday May 01, 2008

hello everyone,

Such great news from home!!! Mom called this am or Thurs pm for all of you and the channel6 news has taken our story and run with it. We know that our \i171 is on its way with a congressional seal!!! They anticipate it to arrive in ET on Monday. Some think it is a holiday and the embassy is closed, but if not then Tuesday. Tefera thought that the embasssy would process us through on the same day... now we just need some flights to open up. We'll keep you posted!! We are just so thrilled to be coming home. It is so fun at the guest houes... each morning everyone gathers round to find out the latest news... it is like kids at summer camp no one cares whose news it is, it is news from home. All the guys were great and juggled rooms so that dad and I wouldn't lose our room and have to move to a different hotel. Amazing people we have grown to love. Right now we have 2 young doctors from South Africa staying in the room next to us. They are touring Africa on their motorcycles. They are working on getting visas into Sudan. They wonder if we have any connections!! We went to the Merkato yesterday- the biggest open market in Africa!! There are no words. I took pictures but even that doesn't do it justice... Addie you would have been in heaven!! We had soup and the best cappachino in the world at the London pastry shop last night. Dad is itching to go get another this am!! Did some laundry, but looks like rain again!!

Madeline, I did see Abraham and he is so cute and shy. I took pics with the boys. he is tiny and spends most of his time with the little kids. I have updates on all the kids, I know you all cant wait...

Gotta run, we need water, bread and bananas oh and cappachino!! The boys are good and their personalities come out a bit more each day!!

Kids, we love you and cant wait to see you soon!! Addie thanks for the long email, it was so good to read!! Noah congrats on winning the game and Molly, i hope you are feeling better. I am glad it is the weekend and you can all be toghether.

Love and thanks to you all for the messages. I t gets us through the day!!

Love, Densie

monday, tues April 29, 2008

hello all,

\i tried to update the journal from the hilton yesterday but I ran out of minutes and so it didn't save the entry.

Sunday we sent everyone home. That was very hard... dad and I sat up unitl we saw the plane fly overhead. We slept fairly good since we stayed up late. Monday we got up and had no plans so thought it was a good day to get a little laundry done and let the boys take a nap. Bis gave us a run for our money... he just didn't want to be told what to do by me... he had a hard time with everyone leaving plus going back to the orphanage where he did what he wanted and got his old caregiver to give him 2 cokes. iM NOT that nice so he really wasn't impressed...

Tuesday we walked around quite a bit and then took a driver from our guest house to the Hilton. We ate ice cream and french fries, checked the internet using high speed and checked on tickets. The first open confirmed seats they have are the 15th of May. The last word we have from Oregon is 2 weeks to 1 month, so our lawyer here is suggesting that we return home... we are on standby for a few flights and are hoping to hear something on the document so we can make definite plans... After a few hours recouping at the hilton we headed to the post office area for all the remaining souvineers- we were there for about 3 hours I think. I was shopping with dad... always and adventure. We returned for a dinner of injera and french fries. Now that everyone has gone our night guard comes over to our room and gives Bis his soccer lesson!! Tonight it was goalie... Jo, you are gonna be impressed!!!

Wed- we were up early and no water... the pump is out... no problem they say!!! Tom called and apparantly the news channel 6 was at our house doing a piece on the missing document!!! Lets hope that gives us some help. Dad and I did laundry and the boys were facinated by winnie the poo on tv!! no big plans for today... tomorrow the driver at the guest house said he would take us to the Merkato... biggest in Africa. hE will go with us so we will not be taken advantage of... don't worry mom!!

Addie, thank you so much for all your help at home!! I really appreciate knowing that you are helping out and that makes it easier on tom molly and noah... even if it doesn't feel like it!! I love you I got some cool necklaces and bag yesterday. You'll love them. Thanks for your email!!

Noah, how is soccer going... I got a few more soccer balls yesterday!! Tell me how your games are going. I love you and appreciate your help at home.

Molly, mommy loves you and I cant wait to come home and give you a big squeeze!!

Joan and mom thank you so much for all you are doing there... no way we could be here without you guys!!

Tom love you and cant wait unitl our family is all back together!!!

my mail isn't working right now, so please leave us messages on this site at the guestbook! They all mean so much!!

Love to you all, denise, dad and bis and yordi

Saturday and Easter Sunday April 26, 2008


We left early at 6>30 am and travelled to Shashemene. What an unbelievable trip... a lot of truck traffic for awhile, but our driver was excellent. We saw things that are hard to explain in words and made you feel like you were back in the Bible times. Thatch round huts with grass roofs, donkeys, cows and goats- seemed that in the rural areas a good part of the day was spent going for water and back. Many men plowing dry fields with just an oxen and wooden piece. Many little children herding huge herds of animals by themselves. Lots of children standing on the road selling chickens. We arrived at Village of Hope and it was beautiful... very country, they had a garden, a cow, an orchard and a chicken coop. The kids all had responsibilities to help run the orphanage. Their office was closed,but there was a volunteer there from the US. They were very grateful for the supplies and were suprised that we would have driven all that way just to bring them things. For future, medicines seem to be much needed. Holly, they remembered your Abeti. Said he was such a sweet boy, but since the office was closed no real info for you... sorry... we are going to try to buy some chocolate this morning for \kim to take if she goes- the US volunteer was desperate!!!!! Kids did great- it took about 4 hours to get there. Bis gets car sick... ick!! We arrived home to a huge birthday party at the Cozy Place for the 5 year old nephew. They were so excited that we made it back in time. Loads of food and goodies and hats and candy and music. Lynde, Hayden loved the day and said many times how he wished you could see all that he is seeing so you could understand... All day long we saw men herding cows toweards Addis Ababa. They were bringing them to sell for the Easter celebration. They walked for miles and miles. A huge cow sells for 150 US dollars and a goat 20. There were goats behind our rooms for the last few days... they were tied up and loud... today it is all quiet...


Happy easter... We woke up to silence from all the animals... we worked on packing and combining rooms since Dad and I will stay here with the boys. We are leaving at noon to go to the orphanage to celebrate Easter. After we celebrate there we have been invited to Genenews house for easter. No bunnies and chocolate here... very religious day... Everyone will leave here at about 7>30 pm to go to the airport... Lynde mom says please go and buy 2 phone cards and bring them to the airport. She\ll pay you... that way she wont have to go to Costco that day. Molly, big kisses from mommy. Daddy is so excited to see you. My heart is breaking that it will be a few more days until I am home with you...

love, from the Africa bunch- see you all soon

Thurs and Friday April 25, 2008

Thursday update as there was no phone lines...

After breakfast our van picked us up and we headed to the Lions Zoo. Kids loved it- big lions you could reach out and touch. Many school children there. Had a lunch of orange crush and little cakes. Went to the New Flower to see the other families before they left. Streets were lined with sheep and goats for sale. People are buying and carrying them on their backs home for Easter. We came back to spagetti dinner and played games. It was a nice warm evening. The owner of the Cozy Place brought in a Foosball table and so the boys spent the evening playing with all the workers. Addie beat them all.

Friday a much cooler windy day, but we all have sunburns. We went to the Hilton to reconfirm all the tickets for those going home and to change tickets for Dad, me and the boys. Praise the Lord, we had bought missionary tickets and they left them openended and did not charge a change fee. Went and had ice cream by the pool and the kids loved it. Bis and Yordi have not developed the like of ice cream yet. Played a round of miniature golf in the garden like area. Kids and our driver had a great time. Then off to the Ethiopian Museum where we saw the Lucy copy and many more items that originated or were discovered in ET. Back to the cozy place and we are playing with the soccer balls our driver was able to find alongside the road in a stand. We are seeing BIG Brahama cows and bulls all over today. Our driver says they are Easter dinner. Everyone has been fasting for Lent- 60 days... so a lot of meat will be consumed on Easter. We have been invited to Genenew's house for Easter dinner on Sunday. We will be fine...this is a very nice gesture. Tonight we are going for pizza ... again... we are leaving at 6>30 am for Shashamene tomorrow morning. It should be quite a trip and a very long day. Dad and I will stay at the Cozy Place since we have a nice area for the kids to play and lots of stores within walking distance. We may burn out on pizza and spagetti, but we have lots of protein bars.

We hope to post again before the rest of the family leaves... if not, I'll still be here...

Yes, Joan and Lynde, mom and Tom will drive her car home from the airport.

Molly, we love and miss you lots. We saw lions yesterday, but still no cheetahs.

Love, from the Africa bunch...

embassy day- Wednsday April 23, 2008

Woke up and had a good breakfast. Walked to the store for formula for the orphanage and coffee. left at 1 for the weavers market. Quite interesting - everything from chickens to wedding dresses. Bought some traditional scarves. Next stop was the embassy- note to future families- leave all electronic devices of any form at your residence or in the car... quite an experience going through security... everyone had their appts and we are sad to say that they did not receive our document and our Yakima office wouldn't respond to their email and so I denise will stay behind with the boys with dad. There is a chance that they will get something tomorrow, but then there is a holiday on Friday and the embassy will close until Monday. Our lawyer reassures us that this is just a minor delay and to not worry- 5-6 days maybe, but I think seeing a white woman sobbing really freaked him out!!! Please keep praying for the document to just get here. Kind of a hard day for all of us, but tomorrow we are going to the lion zoo and Shahola Children's library and to see if the New Flower will have room for us- Kim I\ll get to see you!!! Kids are doing great and having lots of fun!! Had pizza again for dinner... We'll try to write again tomorrow night, but not sure if tomorrow is a day with or with out power.

Molly, we sure do miss you and cant wait to get home to see you!!! Lynde, Hayden is great and they all played foosball tonight...not homesick yet!! And still alive... we may feed him to a lion tomorrow!!

Love to you all,

the africa bunch

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